1-2-3 JUNE 2024
on lake Baikal
The Idea of the Forum:
  • Creating a platform to discuss the "female agenda" on lake Baikal, which is a world-famous place of natural beauty and authenticity. The experience will involve a unique team of regional and international experts in the fields of women's health, preventive medicine, aesthetic cosmetology, spiritual mentors, representatives of the arts sector, and opinion leaders.
  • The programme of the Forum reflects the integrative approach connecting the spiritual, physical and mental components of a woman's realisation as an answer to the most exciting questions for the female audience - health and resourcefulness, quality of relations in the family and society, going through different age stages beautifully, mastery of life and new ways of self-realisation.
  • Attracting a local female audience from Siberia and the Far East, including specialists in women's health, beauty, wellness, age preventive techniques and sharing the knowledge "first-hand".
Forum Forever Woman on Baikal - a forum that addressed the most important topics of concern modern active woman.Meeting awide audience with a team of star and opinion leaders.Together we will discuss the most important topics that form the basis of a woman's life. Lake Baikal will serve as a key setting, a source of inspiration and deep emotional connection for all the participants.
Benefits for the audience:
Tools for restarting your life script. Stimulus for creativity, inspiration, and vivid emotional connection.
A systemic, up-to-date look at achieving life goals in the areas of health, lifestyle and personal fulfillment; finding inner resources for priorities.
A sense of support from a large female community.
The magic of off-line communication with speakers, the effect of a "teacher", getting knowledge and experience from the "original source".
  • Forum Audience:
    • Active women 28+ whose interests lie in the areas of health, wellness, age prevention, beauty, self-realisation, personal development, and aesthetics;
    • Opinion leaders;
    • Owners and managers of women-orientated businesses, initiatives and projects;
    • Specialists in health-coaching, nutritionology, age prevention, wellness, psychological and spiritual practices and consulting.
  • Geography of participants:
    Irkutsk and Bailkals region, Altai, Novosibirsk and Chita regions, Buryatia, Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk Krai and Khabarovsk Krai, the Far East, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mongolia.
500 offline participants

500 000 online participants

3 days 3 locations 3 formats
  • 1 of June Health/Spirituality/Leadership
    Open event , 11 - 17 ч., Irkutsk.
    Interrelation of physical, emotional and mental health. Health as the main point of support in woman's self-realisation.

    +online translation on the YouTube
    +partners show-time
  • 2 of June Aestetics/Spirituality/Leadership
    10-15 ч. Forum Workshop, Irkutsk-Baikal
    16-19 ч. Public-Talk A woman's talent to transform the world around her, filling it with harmony and meaning. The place of Beauty in the life of a Woman.
    Location: Gallery of contemporary art, Irkutsk
  • 3 June Spirituality/Leadership/Health
    20 people, BAIKAL

    Transformational spiritual session "Femininity Workshop".
    Format: VIP programme
    Master of the program - Irina Smirnova, integrative psychologist, strategic business coach of top officials, development partner, master of meditation, Moscow.


+master-class "Effective relationship" from Partner of Forum - Perfomance Club Company (Moscow)
+ master-class "Popular Nuntritilogy : sources of youth and energy in your menu" from Partner Forum - (Moscow)
* the Program is being formed

+ tour-package Irkutsk-Baikal (on request)
+ personal consulting with speaker of Forum (on request)
Forum speakers
Programme of the Forum 1 June
  • 1
    The role of women in today's world
    Nataliya Vodyanova, top-model, philanthropist, mother of 3 children (online)
  • 2
    Biography of a woman's health: a life course, challenges, crises, solutions.
    Speaker: Yulia Kirillova, gynecologist, endocrinologist, biographical health consultant, certified master of meditation, (Moscow).
  • 3
    Neuroaesthetics: connection between mind, beauty, health, love and fulfillment.
    Speaker: Alexey Danilov, neurophysiologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine (Moscow).
  • 4
    Epigenetics: pessimistic and optimistic scenarios of life. An optimal set of daily health rules.
    Speaker: Irina Maltseva, functional medicine practitioner, biologist, geneticist, clinical psychologist, leading specialist at the University of Educational Medicine (Moscow).
  • 5
    Youth and health strategies. The endocrine system and its influence on weight, energy levels, emotional and cognitive longevity.Speaker: Larisa Suturina, gynecologist, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, functional medicine practitioner, Head of the Department for Reproductive Health Protection at the Scientific Centre for Human Reproduction and family health problems (Irkutsk)
    + online meeting with Thierry Hertoghe, President of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Belgium.
  • 6
    Ageless: trends in aesthetic cosmetology, and personal beauty strategy beyond age.
    Speaker: Elmira Satardinova, candidate of medical sciences, founder and chief physician at the Aesthetic Medicine Centre "Satel", a regular speaker at leading conferences of aesthetic cosmetology in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Monte Carlo (Irkutsk).
    + Elena Anosova, culturologist, art-curator, Moscow
  • 7
    Round table "Mastery of Life. Leadership and self-realisation of a Woman in present world". What has changed in the last 10 years in the understanding of woman's fulfilment? Challenges of time and new meanings. Uniqueness of one's own path, personal goals and life balance. Female type of leadership.
    * The list of speakers is being specified.
  • 8
    Matriarchy. Female leadership from a biological perspective.
    Speaker: Tatiana Chernigovskaya, scientist, professor of neurolinguistics, St-Petersburg.
  • 9
    Transforming negative life programmes.
    Speaker : Alexei Sitnikov, transformational coach, hypnotherapist, four times Doctor of Science, author of the Karmalogic project, writer, business coach, Moscow.
  • 10
    Being a Woman: ways of developing a gift of Love and Beauty.
    Speaker: Deepak Chopra, doctor, healer, spiritual guide, writer (online)
Ideolog of the Forum Yana Pavlidis
Author of YouTube channel Ya_NA/TV for woman (600k followers)
- more than 220 interviews with top experts
- more than 50 million views
"I am originally from Irkutsk, where I became an influencer thanks to my work on television as well as my experience in creating meaningful projects for women in the field of health and aesthetics. Baikal is a part of my personal spiritual DNA, a place of "reconciliation" of different reference points. In such magical places as lake Baikal everything valuable is strengthened, growth zones are revealed, and answers to questions get illuminated. The very note of harmony and authenticity begins to "sound".
In the 5 years of its existence Ya_NA/TV YouTube channel has formed a 600,000 audience and became a source of strength for many women, as it helped them to change their priorities and life philosophies, improve health, boost confidence and satisfaction. It is proved by millions of views and comments on the channel.
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